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Must know the vertical rotary injection molding machine safety operation matters

issuing time :2019-10-11

I. matters needing attention

We all know that the vertical rotary injection molding machine in high speed, high temperature, high pressure conditions work relatively fast. There is a risk of personal injury if our staff are not knowledgeable about the safety of the machine or operate the machine incorrectly.

As troubleshooting or maintenance requires the head and arms of the human body to enter the dangerous area, the power should be cut off and the motor turned off at the first time. If the power supply of the machine is not cut off, the motor of the vertical rotary injection molding machine is not closed, and the equipment suddenly fails and moves, it is very likely to cause compression damage of some part of the human body.

Two, vertical injection molding machine five basic procedures

Vertical rotary injection molding machine

The oil pressure in the mold closure cylinder promotes the action of the mold locking mechanism, and the moving template moves the closure mold. Where, the mold closes at low pressure and high speed, and then switches to low speed and low pressure close when the moving template is close to the fixed template (that is, the mold protection condition). When confirming that there is no foreign matter in the mould of vertical rotary injection molding machine, switch to high pressure (clamping force) and lock the mould.

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