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How to check the fault in the position scale of vertical injection molding machine?

issuing time :2019-10-11

1) the display data of all position rulers remains unchanged. A. Check whether the voltage (10V or 4.095v) between the positions of 1-3 feet of the vertical injection molding machine is normal or abnormal, and whether there is A short circuit in the wiring. B. The electronic rule board is broken and replaced.


2) position scale display data remains unchanged. Check the voltage between 1 and 3 feet on this ruler. If there is no voltage, check the connection. B. check whether the electronic ruler is normal (it can be checked by resistance test) c. if all above are normal, the electronic ruler plate (A/D) should be replaced. D. An easier way to test A/D board problem or an external problem is to replace two electronic rod plugs.         

3) there is no normal jump in the data displayed by the position ruler. A. Vertical injection molding machine position ruler wire is too long, need to earth, otherwise data jump. B. Poor contact of electronic ruler or poor external contact may easily result in data beating. C. Unstable power supply voltage, resulting in data jump. D. Replace A/D board.


4) unable to reach the set position, the actual value becomes small or uneven. Determine whether the electronic scale 1≤ 3ft voltage (10V or 4.095v) is normal, and if the voltage decreases, the data decreases. B. Is the wiring of the electronic scale correct? If not, the data will change abnormally. C. Whether the data set in the program is consistent with the length of the electronic ruler, especially after replacing the electronic ruler of different lengths, the length data of the electronic ruler of the vertical injection molding machine should be modified and re-adjusted. D. The electronic ruler itself has faults, and the data change is uneven. E. replace A/D board.

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