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How to check the electrical equipment of the minimum injection molding machine

issuing time :2019-10-11

The tonnage of the smallest injection molding machine is generally in 15 tons to 35 tons, 15 tons is the smallest model. Many technicians find it easy to debug small machines, but it's not. This is according to the characteristics of your product itself, it also relates to the mold, plastic more aspects of the problem, of course, the most basic machine electrical parts or to understand.

1. How to use the detection screen to check the pass-through switch (PB segment)?

When the input limit switch fails, PBX and HCOM can short-circuit directly through the lead of PB input. Check whether the parameter on the detection screen is "1". If "1", then the minimum injection molding machine computer components without failure. If it's not a "1," the problem is the computer itself.

Solution: you can replace the point of failure with an empty input point, or you can replace the input point with an I/O board.

2. How to use the detection screen to check the output (P C) point?

When the operation cannot be performed (no output direction valve, normal pressure flow), the detection screen can be used to force the output, that is, when the output point outputs "1", to check whether the indicator light is on, or there is no 24V output between H24 and H24. If this point is confirmed to be damaged, you can also replace this point with the spare point by replacing the minimum injection molding machine output point or replacing the output plate.

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