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      ABOUT US

      Zhuzhou Siefound Electric Co., Ltd., is a rising hi-tech enterprise specializing in power electronic equipment research, development, and manufacture.

      Our company now represents the top quality in China and have No.1 market share in Chinese Chlor-Alkali industry and EW industry. Besides we have a full set of complete copyright of software controlling and monitoring system. More than 700 sets of SIEFOUND’s rectifiers are now being used in both domestic and overseas.

      Our company has always dedicated to power electronic technology, and related computer control technology, and track the state-of-the-art trend of home and abroad. Through constant innovation, three series of products have been made. They are high-power NC Rectifier Equipment and Computer Control & Monitoring System, Universal Power Electronic Equipment, and the Thyristor Trigger Digital Controller. Our products have been widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, electricity, rail transportation and other industries.

      We have already obtained the following awards:

      * The Digital Control System Soft of Siefound rectifier devices was audited and got the copyright in 2004 by the State Copyright Bureau.

      * In 2004, we were recognized by Hunan information industry hall as a Software Enterprises.

      * In 2006 and 2009, our company was identified as high and new tech enterprises twice.

      * In 2006, Computer Monitoring of Adaptive Fuzzy High Power Rectifier Equipment was audited as a Scientific and Technological Innovation Projects by the State Ministry of Science and Technology.

      * In the spirit of being responsible to customers, the company passed the certification of ISO 9001- 2008 in 2009.

      "Honesty, truth-seeking, innovative, and harmonious" is the spirits of our company. "Concerned about customer expectations, helping customers’ success" is our service concept. With the aim of customers’ satisfaction, we provide the best quality products and services as all we can. Our experienced service professionals can help you identify and implement effective maintenance programs that will ensure continued reliable operation of your system. And meanwhile, we highly focus on the absorbing; training and reserve of human resources to keep our company go on and on.
















      Add: No.1528 Huanghe Road (North), Zhuzhou, Hunan, China     

      Tel:  +86 731 2252 0368

      Fax: +86 731 2841 9624

      Website: www.bring-technology.com

      Email: sales@siefound.cn

      Zip:412007 TEL:0733-2520368 FXL:0733-8419624 Email:siefound@163.net
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